Day 040 Palomino Mtn

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6/5, day 40, 14 mi., 12,710
We got a very late start because we waited to see if the snowstorm was over and for the mist to clear. Packing the tent and gear in snow slowed us down and it was 9:30 by the time we got on the trail to very slow hiking. Total snowfall was probably 4 inches but the wind piled it up in places.

I also took lots of pictures including a elk calf on the trail a few feet from me. At first I thought it was dead, then noticed it breathe. But it never moved a muscle as we approached.

Saw a herd of 30 elk circling around the mountain in front of us. Wondered if the elk calf belonged to the herd.

Climbing was hard, we didn’t cook dinner the night before and neither of us had energy.

Camp was on the shoulder of Palomino Mtn (white lava ash).

… Gottawalk

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