Day 039 In a Snowstorm on the Divide

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6/4, Day 39, 12,500, 13 mi.

We got a 23 mi. ride with a highway patrolman from Pagosa Springs to Wolf Creek Pass. We got the scenic tour including trailheads and overlooks. All 3 of us really enjoyed the ride (he knew we were CDT hikers before he stopped.)

On the trail we had a wonderful day: sun, clouds, breeze, views, water. Lunch even had mosquitoes. When we went 100 feet up the trail we passed ponds, which explained the pests.

We watched the clouds, walking fast but not so fast so we would catch the clouds that were blowing ahead and turning black. Climbing higher we went over a pass and then caught up with the clouds and thunder. Then we hiked fast to get lower, but lost the race at 5:00 when the snow started. We kept rushing on, pausing only to put on rain gear. In 45 minutes we could barely see and put up the tent, scrunched under a snag and a small tree, glad of any shelter in a hollow on the side of the hill.

We slept warm and well (clothes on our thermals that we use for pj’s) except when Ken woke to pound accumulating snow off the tent. Thus, it was a short day with few miles.

… Gottawalk

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