Day 036 Pagosa Springs

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Ken or Marcia Powers
C/O General Delivery
US Post Office
250 Hot Springs Road
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

CDT through hiker
Estimated Pick-up Date 6/7/2002
Will hold packages 30 days.

6/1, day 36, 21.1 mi., 12,800′
We camped at the best spot in the world! It had a million stars, we were above tree line and warm and comfy behind one small dense bush on flat shale. It was light very early.

Starting our 6th week and really earned our miles to Pagosa Springs by 7:30 this eve. Thought we could just cruise into town but ran into high winds and enough raindrops to make us suit up and cover packs…then quit raining and cleared as soon as we got all the raingear on. 🙂 Wind that beat anything NM had got stronger as we climbed up the divide. Trail was not like anything we’ve done before…kind of the epitome of hiking. Some places the divide is very wide and rolls up & down. Today it got rocky and narrow above Wolf Creek Pass and the ski resort that was our road to town. Finally saw people at the road that asked if we were CDT hikers and then 1000 questions started. I handed out our hiker card, said answers are on our web site, and we need food.

We are at Best Western in Pagosa Springs and can get mail Monday. We need 24 hours to seam seal our tent. The few raindrops made us realize that we shouldn’t push our luck any longer. Cuba & Chama are forwarding to here, so maybe it’s cookie time, too. Yum. We’re looking like hikers: dirty (doing laundry now), too brown in spite of sunscreen and long clothes, and thinner from burning calories at high altitude.

… Gottawalk

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