Day 035

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Subject: 5/31, day 35, 14 mi, 12850′
Tough day. We were constantly route finding in the snow, or climbing or both. We need more red blood cells to carry O2. Ken thinks the answer is prime rib when we get to town. We feel like we eat constantly and feel great at the altitude. Climbing just makes us feel like our lungs are several sizes too small! Nearly all day was spent above 12,000 feet. We even camped at 12,500 when we ran out of daylight.

We try to get miles but our pace is slow in snow. We really enjoy the challenge, though. We see more animal prints than human prints. At several snow banks we said “Why would hikers take that route across the snow? Doesn’t look practical or safe.” Turns out it was elk or deer who posthole in the snow and the tracks melt out larger. Marmots here are golden and don’t whistle as much as coastal marmots. No picas yet. Lots of various birdsongs.

… Gottawalk

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