Day 034

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5/30, day 34, 18.8 miles, 12,000+’
We were surprised at how warm we stayed last night. Camped between 2 lakes with ice on them and amid patches of snow.

South San Juan Wilderness is incredibly beautiful. And we haven’t seen anyone since Cumbres Pass. Seeing lots of flowers just starting to bloom. Still lots of patches of snow in the heavy trees or on the north side of mountains. We finally saw marmots, frogs, chipmunks, deer and elk.

Our route finding has changed in CO. We are using Natl. Geographic’s Trails Illustrated beautiful series. They are multi colored and depict the CDT in red. However, the CDT isn’t always on the ground. Both sets of guidebooks are written for a southbound hiker. All of Jim Wolf’s are written in that direction, but Westcliffe published all except CO for northbound hikers. It’s hilarious trying to reverse prose (when the trail disappears hike across the meadow at a compass bearing of 170*, ignoring the cairns…). We do like puzzles

I have one clean foot and one disgustingly dusty foot. The clean foot broke through a snow bridge into a creek. I didn’t want to put the other foot down and risk getting it wet and cold so stood with one foot knee deep in snow and ankle deep in water. We were both laughing when Ken pulled me out by the haul strap on my backpack.

Good, fun, interesting hiking.

… Gottawalk

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