Day 031 Chama

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Ken or Marcia Powers
C/O General Delivery
US Post Office
5th & Maple
Chama, NM 87520

CDT through hiker
Estimated Pick-up Date 6/3/2002
Will hold packages indefinitely.

5/27, day 31
As we walk north the bluffs and mesas recede into the distance, their colors dimming to ordinary tan then blue. We saw El Vado lake to the west gleaming turquoise. This area has some surface water and looks like spring is fading into summer rather than in the midst of a drought. I think I’m catching glimpses of Colorado mountains to the north over Cumbres Pass. Ken tells me that’s wishful thinking. The Cumbres-Tolteca Railroad goes up to the pass and back, a short ride for tourists. I’m trying to figure out how to get a ride without skipping miles or taking too much time.

We’re lunching in Tierra Amarillo, the scene of a 1967 armed battle over land rights. NM will never get these issues solved.

… Gottawalk

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