Day 029 Ghost Ranch

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Ship via UPS.

Ken or Marcia Powers

C/O Ghost Ranch Conference Center
Abiquiu, NM 87510

CDT through hiker
Estimated Pick-up Date 5/29/2002
Will hold packages indefinitely.

5/25, day 29, 14 miles
We are in Ghost Ranch Conference Center. The people here will do anything to make us happy. We are staying in the campground (free). The campground host gave us a lift in her golf cart to find a camp site. She even recommended one – we took it. Then she offered to bring us lounge chairs!

Our hiking today was along NM 96 and US 84. The scenery continues to improve – I don’t understand how. The red cliffs around Ghost Ranch are great.

Walking along US 84 was an unusual trip. The highway is heavily traveled. The first mile there was no shoulder on the highway. Twice we had cars going the same direction as us pass while having a yellow line. Both whizzed by within a foot or so of us. We were ready to skip US 84. Fortunately it got better.

Then the highway patrol showed up. We saw him make several U-turns and hand out tickets. I have never been happier to see tickets handed out.

When we spread our ground cloth out along the shoulder to eat lunch we thought we would cause an accident. Almost every driver nearly broke his/her neck watching us up on the embankment eating lunch.

After lunch we walked another mile and found a picnic table. Boo-Hoo. As we walked by it a CDT hiker we know came up the drive to greet us. He is tired of New Mexico road walks and closed forests, so he is skipping ahead to Colorado. Said he will return after the summer rains.

Ken is not sure about walking US 84 on Memorial Day Weekend. And the forest between here and Colorado is closed. We may stay at Ghost Ranch longer. After all we are ahead of schedule.

Someone asked how we could tell land ownership. The Forest Service and BLM maps are color coded for land ownership. However they don’t have topo lines to show elevation gain. Another advantage is that they show all the back roads and jeep trails. Sometimes we resort to carrying Forest Service or BLM and a US Geological Service map. Extra weight, but at least we have the information.

… Gottawalk

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