Day 028 Road walk north on NM 96

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5/24, day 28, 7200′, 25 miles
We’re still on NM96, actually between the CDT and the divide. Actually crossed the CDT somewhere today. Funny thing is we were going the wrong way on the trail (southbound). This whole day was a road walk along the highway. Easy to calculate mileage with the mileage markers.

We ended up camping along the road right of way. All the land is private or closed forest. Heard a lot of traffic at night and again in the morning. One car even honked at us before we were out of bed. (We frequently get cars honking at us. We think it is a sign of encouragement.)

Water is not a problem here, just stop at any mini-mart and buy it or beg to fill a 2 liter bottle.

Found out that a 6,000 acre fire is a day south of us. They evacuated 2 small villages. We haven’t even seen any smoke.

The sandstone cliffs here are beautiful. They are steep, crumbly, and various shades of reds. Some have streaks of violet, greens, or tans in them.

… Gottawalk

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