Day 027 North out of Cuba

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5/23 day 27, 20.5 mi, elev 7300
Walked out of Cuba (Spanish for contained water) and rolled up and down at the same elevation as Donnor Pass. Looks the same with mountains and pines but the rocks are lavender, pink, buff, yellow, white and green. Lovely. Horses and goats came to the fence to greet us, very curious and noisy.

Carried Subway sandwiches out of Cuba and lunched beside the road in perfect temp.

An elderly woman stopped me while I was buying lunches at the grocery. She wanted to know what we were doing, held my arm and said that she had ridden a bike from ME to NM. She was sure the angels were with us.

Found a narrow stretch of BLM land to camp on. Everything else is private or closed national forest. We expect the same problem tomorrow night.


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