Day 026 Into Cuba

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Ken or Marcia Powers
C/O General Delivery
US Post Office
NM 44 / US-50
Cuba, NM 87013

CDT through hiker
Estimated Pick-up Date 5/26/2002
Will hold packages indefinitely.

5/22, day 26, 6800′
We arrived in Cuba at 4:45 to get to the PO and negotiate with the Forest Service for a special permit. Both were closed but persistence Ken got our box with new socks!! First motel was full and the 2nd should have been torn down 20 years ago. That’s where we are and it turns out that it is the in place. As soon as we got in there was a knock on the door. It was hiker Bob and Karen (who is in one of the books that Marta has). They know us from our web site.

Hiking was great today, especially after Ken removed all the cactus spines from my hand and posterior. Not much wind and more fantastic colorful mesas. The tan earth takes a serpentine green in places. Today we saw lots of “glass in the dirt” that turned out to be mica that we could see through when it was 1″ thick! Cows followed us again. I hope it is because of curiosity rather than thirst.

Got new soda bottles so the originals can be retired. They have a lot of miles on them, some of them fueled by snicker doodles. We appreciate our friends!

… Gottawalk

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