Day 015 Mimbres to Reserve

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5/11, day 15, lots of miles
Elevation was supposed to be 8975 feet. We overshot that several times.

USGS map from 1929 in meters, guide text in feet (mountain 8975), map road number doesn’t match road number on the ground, jeep roads on ground but not on map or text: we weren’t exactly having a good time. Got to Spurgeon tank by accident and took a long but dependable route to the divide. (And our route wasn’t on the map.) If we measure miles by work and the number of hours hiking our day was about a 30 miler.

The terrain is rolling forest that is too dense to bushwhack through in places which makes map reading impossible. More deer and elk are bounding around.

Last three miles were a joy with a campsite in deep oak leaves, better than any mattress. Supper was instant hot chocolate served cold and lumpy. We were too tired to be hungry and thought “pudding” sounded good.

Tomorrow we need to get to Reserve, so we’ve…

… Gottawalk


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