Day 014 Snow Lake to Mimbres

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5/10, day 14, 7840’on divide
We spent last night at Snow Lake where our shoes froze again. We were in a FS campground without correct change of $5/vehicle. We decided we aren’t vehicles. (The FS ranger later agreed that we didn’t have a vehicle and shouldn’t pay.  🙂 ) Other occupants of the campground got up during the night and ran their cars to warm up.

We hiked 23 miles to Collins Park (another name for a meadow). Easy road walking was constantly interrupted by visitors: the same FS woman 2 times, several Negrito Fire Base Hotshots and 2 groups from an owl survey camp. Both of the latter said the supervisor is an avid hiker and would we please come to their camp. We gave the last group our regrets and a hiking card and said he could visit us at Collins Park if he brought Coke and Pringles. Still waiting. Several pickups also stopped to ask if we needed help. All our visitors seemed to be aware of the CDT.

We’re out of fuel. That’s the first time ever that we’ve miscalculated. We were in a big hurry to get out of Mimbres and hike because we…

… Gottawalk

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