Day 010 Mimbres to Sapillo Creek

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Subject: 5/6, Day 10, 20 miles, elev 6599
7 stream fords (actually 1 stream 7 times)
We saw 5 deer and crossed the divide at 6599 feet.

Started the day by hitching to the PO to get our box. The hitch there was easy, the return wasn’t. Talked to the ranger and decided the best route was to hike up the Gila River for an extra day.

We road walked 16 miles. A few miles along a 65-year-old bicyclist caught us and rode along and talked to us. Made a mile go by fast.

Finished the day hiking in and out of deep ravines. At the beginning we waded the creek repeatedly. Now we have clean feet, and nearly clean shoes. We are 3 miles from the Gila. We expect 3 river crossings per mile for most of the way up the river.

We camped at an old corral 4 miles down the Sapillo Creek. We saw a sign that said Wild Cow Herd Collection Area, but didn’t see any cows.

… Gottawalk

PS We received E-mail from Gottafly, Day 1, 3000 miles, 100,000 feet elevation change. We can hardly wait for Day 2.

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