Day 007 Silver City

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Day 7, 15 miles, elev 6570, 5/3
We left Silver City at 12:30 pm after much needed baths and laundry. It’s funny how long it takes to get everything clean & organized again. We picked up our 2nd box of food. The Tide leaked and made a mess.

Silver City is a college town with an artistic bent. Also walked by a large copper mine with miles of multi-colored many levels mine tailings.

Today started with a 6 mile road walk. Weather was great for hiking. At lunch (sitting on a roadside pile of dirt) a little old lady stopped to warn us about the local ants. Seems they are small but pack a painful bite. She asked where we were going. When we responded Mimbres, she said you can’t get there from here. We told her our maps said we could. She didn’t believe us. Marcia said we would send her a postcard. She smiled and that was the end of the conversation.

The rest of the day was exceptionally good hiking. Finally found trees taller than 6 feet.


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