Day 005 Roadwalk into Gila National Forest

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Subject: Day 5, 25 mi., elev 6480
Camped in Gila National Forest campground with no amenities except CDT markers.

Today was a beautiful. But it was a hard, dusty, gravel road hike because of the stinging wind that takes my breath away. It kept the temp down.

We were on the divide for miles and NM looks exactly like my expectations…kind of like a picture out of Arizona Highways.

The few people that passed us were very friendly, especially a woman who stopped while we were eating lunch. She gave us a rundown on who was ahead or behind us and by how much. All the cars passed us going the same direction, and nobody ever came back. The last through were the Feds. The highway worker wanted to bring us something from Silver City to help us on our way. Mrs. Cullom (from the Hachita Food Mart) lives on Separ Road and told us how to find good water behind her clean, new corral. Her 4 horses were loose and befriended us. We didn’t see wild animal but saw snake tracks winding across the road.

Ken’s out getting bearings. His GPS has gotten 11 out of a possible 12 satellites! Help, no spell checker. The guide book has waypoints, but there is a problem. We should have checked the NAD’s before we ripped the book apart to mail sections.

We want an early start for a big climb before the wind kicks up. Maybe we’ll make Silver City tomorrow, Thursday.
… Gottawalk

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