Day 004 Past Separ

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Day 4, 25 mi., elev ~ 4600
28 miles from Hachita in 25 hours and 10 liters of water. Hot wind makes us do a little jig to the right. Route finding worked but was without reference points. We’ll get water here then 10 miles up the trail at a corral spigot that the owner offered to us in Hachita. Macaroni and cheese is yummy. We have too much food for this heat.

We finished the day out of Separ with a long road walk on dirt roads in the wind. The start out of Separ was an underpass for I-10. then we had to wait for a long freight train.

From about 6 miles out of Separ until we camped, we were hemmed in between barbed wire fences. Thought we might have to climb one to camp. No good camp sites anyway.

We smelled smoke late in the afternoon but never heard anything about fires.

Made for a great sunset – really red with clouds and a mountain peak in the distance. Next morning was a great sunrise. But who thinks about a camera at 5:30 am.

… Gottawalk

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