Day 001 Home to the border, then starting north!

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Estimated Start Date 4/28/2002 – Actual Start date 4/27/02.

There is no town here, just a Port of Entry. The first 45 miles is walking along a straight, flat highway. Sounds boring, but we will be excited to get hiking and should get through it quickly.

Subject: day 1, 12 miles, 4410 ft

Great day. Up at 5 am and took off from Livermore airport shortly after 6. Absolutely fantastic flight with a tail wind and good views. We cruised up to 13,500 and arrived before our ETA of 5 hours. We at lunch at Dairy Queen in Demming , bought 4 gallons of water at Walmart to stash and on to the border.

Officer Journey welcomed us at the border and we started the CDT 2002 at 3:43. Beautiful country with nice views, birds singing and a couple of wildflowers.

We are going to bed as the sun sets, trying to type in the dark while balancing PocketMail on my knee.

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