ICT 059 Upper Priest Falls and FINISHED

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8/31, Day 59,19.5 miles plus 8 miles to the road FINISHED! What a perfect hiking day…immaculate trail with marked junctions. The forest is so dense with enormous cedars that let only dappled sunlight light hit the ferns below. We reached the … Continued

ICT 058 Upper Priest Lake

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8/30, High Elevation 4023′, Low Elevation 2458′, 26.0 miles We hadn’t walked 15 minutes down Hunt Lake Road when we passes two fantastic off-road camp sites. Car campers make huge, level camping areas and these were the best. Oh, well. Walking … Continued

ICT 057 Hunt Creek Road

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8/29, High Elevation 6561′, Low Elevation 2723′, 16.7 miles Fault Lake should be on everyone’s hiking list. The trail on the far side of McCormick Creek is on an old roadbed so the gain in elevation is consistent but easy. Brush … Continued

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