AT 141 Getting Home

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Happy Birthday, Marcia!

The adventure continues:
We got a ride from Baxter State Park into Millinocket. In the park the only road is a gravel road, but all the traffic goes thru Millinocket. So we just needed a car with space to come along. We waited on the sparsely travelled road for about half an hour before getting a ride.

There is no public transportation out of Millinocket. The local bus leaves the neighboring town of Medway at 9:30 each morning. But we had to stop at the PO that opened at 9:00. We took a zero day. Fortunately AWOL’s family was meeting him and Mark, his brother-in-law, drove us to the bus stop the next morning.

The bus ran to Bangor where we caught another bus to Boston, then another back to White River Junction, VT, and finally another bus to Rutland, VT. With layovers it would take almost 24 hours. We took an early bus, then hustled in Boston to switch buses and made it to White River Junction, VT by 8 pm. Who would ever have guessed that we would return there. We stayed there when we entered Hanover, NH. The bus to Rutland left at 7:30 am so we ate and got a motel room. The last bus let us off at Long Trail Inn, across the highway from our dusty, red Saturn. It was so nice to see it!

We have been discussing what route to take home. Adam is going to PA so we will try to stop and connect with him enroute. We found an AAA office and got maps. Our current plan is to follow Interstate 70 across the country. That plan can/will change at a whim. This is the first time either of us will be in several of the states on I-70.

… GottaWalk

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