AT 137 Nahwakanta Campsite to Rainbow Springs Campground

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9/13, Day 137, Nahwakanta Campsite to Rainbow Springs Campground, 18.5 miles

Today was a low energy day for both of us. We never seemed to get going – maybe it was the big day yesterday. The map made the day look easy, but it just didn’t seem easy. AWOL and Kiwi caught up with us and camped at Rainbow Stream Lean-To with us. The good news is that tomorrow looks pretty easy and we are psyched to get to The Birches, a campsite for thruhikers at the base of Mt Katahdin. Also we have eaten most of the food we started with so our backpacks are getting light.

Early today we saw two fishermen pushing a small boat toward Nahmakanta Lake. We wanted to ask if they had pushed the boat all the way from Georgia, but we refrained. They were excited about going fishing all day.

Just before noon we climbed Nesunabunt Mtn and got another good view of Mt Katahdin. We also saw campers on the other side of the lake and the small boat with the fishermen. Hiking in ME is so rewarding because of all the different views and, of course, we are really excited about getting to the grand finale.

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