AT 135 Hay Brook Trail to East Branch of Pleasant River

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9/11, Day 135, Hay Brook Trail to East Branch of Pleasant River, 16.6 miles

A moose snorting and stomping through the woods near our tent woke us at 11:30pm. The moon was full and I am sure the snorts were showing displeasure that we were there. We were relieved as he passed us to go to the pond. We looked for him this morning to take a photo but didn’t see him.

This was another day of big ups and downs. We climbed nearly 3000 feet to get over White Cap Mtn. On the way we climbed over progressively higher peaks of Gulf Hagas Mtn, West Peak, and Hay Mtn. These peaks added almost another 1000 feet to the climb. The views from several were great. We got a good view of looming Mt Katahdin from the backside of White Cap Mtn. The views of Maine’s lakes and ponds continues to interest us.

As we started our last climb up White Cap Mtn we came to a trail junction and met two section hikers we had seen earlier who had taken a break. A few seconds later another hiker came down the trail from White Cap. Then a day hiker arrived from the side trail. Within one minute we had six hikers arrive at the same point on this remote mountain using three different trails.

We found the lean-to and surrounding campsites pretty full when we arrived. We met several of the hikers for the first time. A couple were solo thru hikers who had a friend hiking the Hundred Mile Wilderness with them. This is a popular practice for solo hikers. We decided to go down to the river to camp. We found a nice campsite behind several blown down trees just after we rock hopped the river. It was a comfortable site.

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