AT 133 Monson to Long Pond Stream Lean-to

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9/9, Day 133, Monson to Long Pond Stream Lean-to, 15.1 miles

After our huge breakfast at Shaw’s we walked to the store for forgotten items and the PO to mail out any items we could do without to lighten our packs. We are carrying 7 days food, our largest haul on the AT. Our final stretch is called the 100 Miles Wilderness which means no town stops or phones. (It does have an occasional road though.)

In the past few days we have caught 6 nobo hikers that we had not met before. We also have met hikers that we knew early on and they have now flip-flopped to head for warmer weather. The have already summited Katahdin and will finish their hikes farther south. One asked us today if the trail was less of a challenge for us because we were so fast! I assured him that it was as challenging for us…that it has been work at times.

After lunch we saw the beautiful 60′ waterfalls, Little Wilson, complete with a skinnydipper. Jan Liteshoe was slacking south so we saw her at the half way point of our day and stopped for photos and a chat. In addition to the ever present small, scolding red squirrels, we heard loons crying, coyotes howling and crickets chirping on the sun-warmed black slate. Late in the afternoon we were on the shadow side of the hill chasing the sun that stayed ahead of us. We gave up, then got sun back at the gorgeous stream. The last few minutes of our day were sun, great rocks and the stream. We were going to tent at the shelter but were the only ones there so actually stayed in the shelter. The spring was dry so Ken had to walk back to the stream. We are using iodine to treat water for the first time on the AT. We switched from a filter to save weight.

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