AT 132 Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to to Monson

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9/8, Day 132, Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to to Monson, 9.0 miles

An easy day hiking into Monson. We followed some Outward Bound leaders who were scouting the area for one of their hikes. One was a local and really knew the area well.

Our Maine weather continues to be great. The worst we have had is a couple gray clouds, but they blow away.

When we got to Monson we found the barbeque restaraunt was closed for a few weeks and other cafes were also closed. We rode to the next town, Guilford, for Subway sandwiches for lunch with Jan LiteShoe.

We got a private room at Shaw’s, one of the hiker hostels in town. The General Store had food enough to buy to get us thru the 100 mile wilderness. We figure that 7 days food should be enough to finish our trip. We plan to carry all the food out of Monson and just go for it. We are ready to finish.

Ken is repairing his equipment. The front part of his sole is pulling off both shoes. He is gluing them back down. I found a tip for a hiking pole stuck in the trail. Since Ken’s tip is very worn he is replacing his tip. We also went thru our packs and mailed everything we won’t need ahead to Millinocket, the nearest town to Mt Katahdin. Seven days food weighs a lot and we were ruthless in pruning down our pack weights. The best part of Monson was that Marcia and new shoes were united. UPS did forward the shoes to General Delivery, Monson and after calling around town I found them at the general store. Success just in time for the big mountain!

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