AT 130 West Carry Pond Lean-to to Pleasant Pond Lean-to

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9/6, Day 130, West Carry Pond Lean-to to Pleasant Pond Lean-to, 17.5 miles

The pace of the day was dictated by the ferry schedule across the Kennebec River. We got an earlier than necessary start along with AWOL and 81 so the four of us had an leisurely lunch. The day was beautiful The trail led us past ponds, over the outlet dam of rocks and logs and on to some pretty, low falls.
We got to the Kennebec an hour early after passing a SoBo hiker who told us that we missed the last ferry and that he was the last passenger. That was true for the morning but we were there for the afternoon schedule. The ATC has hired a canoe and paddler to ferry hikers because the river can rise 2-4′ without warning as water is released from a dam upstream.

After an hour of sitting in the sun at the river we heard the canoe scraping on the rocks. At the same time the river level began to rise so Jeremy, the paddler, had to work hard to get Ken & me across. Then he took our picture with the canoe.

Caratunk was a very short distance past the river and the guide mentioned food. We went in to the hostel and ordered a cheeseburger. It was so good that we each ordered another.

As we waited for the second cheeseburger two hikers arrived. One was Liteshoe, a hiker we have been following on TrailJournals since before she started – March 1. We never believed we would catch her. Well, we really haven’t yet because she is really 1 trail day ahead of us.

We left Caratunk a little later than we wanted. As we hiked up the mountain we heard the blues band setting up at the tavern below. We were entertained by music echoing up the ravines for our last hour of hiking. We also heard a snort from the creek and were certain it was a moose but couldn’t see it.

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