AT 129 Horns Pond Lean-to to West Carry Pond Lean-to

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9/5, Day 129, Horns Pond Lean-to to West Carry Pond Lean-to, 17.5 miles

I thought I heard rain in the night but it seemed to be the wind blowing fog through and condensation was dripping from the eaves. The sun woke us and the sky was solid blue! What a great day to hike. We were off by 6:30.

This was a day of huge climbs and descents. There were many overlooks as we climbed. The lakes and ponds below were absolutely beautiful. Thin mist was strung through the valleys that we gazed down onto.

The big peak of the day was Avery Mtn that was a regular cone shape and very pretty to look at. It was fun and a challenge to climb and above the treeline we enjoyed the rocks and plants. Miniature blueberry plants no taller than my thumb produced full size berries.

We ate lunch at an overlook with a photo view of Avery Mtn. It was hard to believe how far we had gotten after a few hours. The ATC chose one of the best peaks to name after one the AT founding fathers.

BIG news: the road had 2000 miles painted on the surface! We had 172.6 miles remaining at that point.

The shelter at the pond was as perfect as the rest of the day. We had beautiful weather, views, trails and an occasional tree showing golden fall leaves. As things got quiet we heard a few loons out on the pond.

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