AT 128 Stratton to Horns Pond Lean-to

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9/4, Day 128, Stratton to Horns Pond Lean-to, 5.1 miles

The motel was pounded by rain and shaken by wind. It was so nice to be inside!

Lots of puddles in town. Two musicians drove us to the PO and then we walked to the grocery store. AWOL was packing his food there so we agreed to meet later for lunch. We planned to hang around until the 2 pm UPS delivery, hoping for my shoes. No luck so the White Wolf Inn owner will mail them to Monson when she gets them.

We got back to the trail in the late afternoon planning to hike about 5 miles. This would take us part way up a huge climb that we would finish in the morning. It would also get us a little closer to the Kennebec River with a ferry crossing. The ferry is a canoe that operates 9-11 and 3-5.
The needle duff trail doesn’t hold water like a hardwood forest leaf trail so walking was pleasant. Clouds gradually broke up as we climbed and we got increasingly picturesque views.

AWOL was at the first shelter out of town and we thought there would just be the three of us. A SoBo hiker who started at Cape Gaspe came in late and we were glad to hear his stories of his International AT travels.

All of us put our food in a metal garbage can provided to protect it from aggressive chipmunks. Some of us ate well before going to sleep.

… GottaWalk

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