AT 127 Orbeton Stream to Stratton

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9/3, Day 127, Orbeton Stream to Stratton, 13.4 miles

Happy Anniversary, Marcia.

Another tough day in the wilds of Maine. We got off to an early start and worked hard all day. Today was another day with lots of climbing. The last 2 days contain 9800 feet of climbs according to the Maine ATC.

The weather continues to be great for hiking. It is overcast part of the day, but the views of the lakes and mountains with fluffy white clouds is spectacular.

We climbed on 2 of Maines highest mountains today without summiting either. We did high traverses around the peaks. We still got some good views.

We ended up on Maine highway 27 at 6:40 pm. At least we got a ride with the first passing car. It was a local who lived here for years without a car. He said he is still in payback mode.

… GottaWalk

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