AT 126 Rangely to Orbeton Stream

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9/2, Day 126, Rangely to Orbeton Stream, 13.4 miles

The PO did not open until 9:30. We arrived shortly after 8 so we went back to the Inn to read. We wanted an early start.

When we passed Piazza Rock Lean-to the privy was named Your Move. It was a 2-seater with a cribbage board between the seats!

Maine weather seems to be overcast mornings that clear after noon. We arrived at the top of Saddleback Mtn with perfect timing for our first view of Mt Katahdin!

This was a long difficult day, even with the late start. In 13 miles we climbed and descended over 4500 feet. We hiked until 7 pm and found a campsite above the stream. It was full of pine needles making a soft, comfy bed. We slept well until something rattled our cookpot just outside the tent door. Marcia banged on the tent walls and Ken shined his light out the door. No signs of any creatures, so we went back to bed. A few minutes later something disturbed Marcia’s shoes. Still we couldn’t catch sight of the criter. We gathered everything close to the tent door and had no further incidents.

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