AT 124 South Arm Road (Andover) to Sabbath Day Pond

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8/31, Day 124, South Arm Road (Andover) to Sabbath Day Pond Lean-to, 17.0 miles

The innkeeper in Andover drove AWOL and us to the trail at 7:30. A good start. We met Timber and Bipolar just before noon. The five of us had a late lunch at Bemis Mtn Lean-to. We mentioned that the occurrences of trail magic had dropped off in the remoteness of Maine. As we approached the next road there sat a cooler at Bemis Stream filled with goodies from Kronk. After the road we found Gatorade bottles each placed on a separate stump or rock as we climbed the hill. The magic returned in a big way! Thanks, trail angels.

We hiked on to Sabbath Day Pond Shelter. We arrived at dusk to great sunset over the lake. As we arrived at the pond we found Bipolar & Timber sitting at picnic benches on beach watching the sunset and eating their supper. We hurried to the shelter and set up our tent on the tent platform beside a fire. It got dark before we finished eating.

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