AT 122 Speck Pond Shelter to Andover

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8/29, Day 122, Speck Pond Shelter to Andover, 13.9 miles

On,no! We got up late. Last night was so cold that we pulled our sleeping bags tight around our faces and blocked out the dawn. We tried to move fast and pull on long pants, gloves, and hats and get on the steep, bouldery trail. Ken had a sidetrip head first into the bushes. He wasn’t hurt and we couldn’t figure out what tripped him up.

We removed extra clothes as we warmed up and the day got warmer. I found my favorite place on the entire AT. The Bald Pates are granite domes that look like the Sierras above tree line. Plants are miniature and short trees twisted by wind. The trail was visible between the domes and we followed cairns on the rounded granite. All of this adds up to spectacular beauty and I was sorry to leave it.

Back in the trees we stopped at Baldpate Lean-to for afternoon snack with another group from Colby College.

Rain fell before we reached the road to Andover. It teased with a few false starts and then fell heavily. Marta and Bert were to meet us at the road and drive us to Andover in the morning but we decided to get out of the rain and go to Andover Guest House. Dinner was at Addie’s.

… GottaWalk

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