AT 121 Carlo Col Shelter to Speck Pond Shelter

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8/28, Day 121, Carlo Col Shelter to Speck Pond Shelter, 9.5 miles

Here we are in our first full day in Maine. We had heard about Mahoosuc Notch even before we started the trail. Then southbounders warned us of the Mahoosuc Arm just after the notch. Sounded like we were in for a tough day.

We were. The Mahoosuc Notch didn’t seem as hard as people made it sound, but it definitely was slow. We climbed over, under and around gigantic boulders. They had fallen from mountains on both sides of the notch. It took us 2 hours to negotiate the one mile stretch.

Next was the Mashoosuc Arm. the arm climbs steeply up the mountain for 1500 feet. We felt lucky that the rocks were dry. The arm turned out to be the equivalent of a steep sidewalk formed from granite. We found we could quickly walk up the granite and made good time.

When we arrived at the shelter we were surprised by how close we were to East B Hill Road and Andover. We were tired and decided to call it a short day. There were 2 youth groups, a group from Colby College, a south bounder, 2 section hikers, and AWOL. Kate, an AMC caretaker whom we had met twice before, collected our fees.

… GottaWalk

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