AT 119 Gorham to Gorham

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8/26, Day 119, Gorham, to Gorham, 0 miles

Another zero! We are staying in Gorham all day. The town is a long strip with the post office and library at one end and the supermarket at the other. We are closer to the supermarket.

The motel “sold” us bikes for $1. You can imagine what condition they are in. The first bike I took was so bad I wanted to walk it home from the post office. Another thing I learned is that skinny hikers don’t have the required padding on their seats to ride bikes. Ooh, that hurts.

When we picked up packages at the post office we had had 3 boxes and a letter we weren’t expecting. Plus the 5 we expected. What a haul! We will enjoy the cookies and trail mix.

We want to get an early start tomorrow. Only 16 miles left in NH!


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