AT 117 Osgood Tentsite to Carter Notch

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8/24, Day 117, Osgood Tentsite to Carter Notch, 10.0 miles

In the middle of the night we noticed the wind gusts getting stronger. We could hear the gusts coming down the mountains. They sounded like freight trains roaring across the tree tops.

We hiked down to Pinkham Notch where the AMC trail crew training facility and visitor center is located. We had heard about all-you-can-eat meals there. We arrived just before they opened for lunch. That gave us time to check the weather on Mt Washington. Wow, it was even worse than when we were up there. Overnight the temperature dropped to 24* (a record low for Aug 23) with freezing fog. This morning the temp was 34, wind was 71 mph with 84 mph gusts. The wind chill was 2*. Glad we made it through yesterday. We would have been frozen kites along that ridge today.

After eating lots of lunch we climbed up Wildcat Ridge. Several times we were on exposed granite faces with strong wind gusts. We just hung on tight until the gusts subsided. We found water and free camping in Carter Notch. We also found howling wind blowing through the notch. After the tent was up we climbed in and zipped the door shut. We were cozy and slept well until we heard sprinkles early in the morning.

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