AT 114 Gale River Trail to Crawford Notch

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8/21, Day 114, Gale River Trail to Crawford Notch, 16.4 miles

First thing this morning we hiked past Galehead Hut up to the top of South Twin, hiking with hikers that had just left the hut. We all had fantastic views from the top, the most notable being a view of Mt Washington. Mt W is our goal up the trail in a few days so I’ll write more about that later.

Hiking was more like class 2 or 3 bouldering. We had to pull ourselves up very almost vertical rock walls using hand holds. That was so exhausting that when we reached Zealand Hut a little after 2 pm we were exhausted enough to consider stopping for the day. We asked for work-for-stay at the hut but were told to keep on moving.

The miles from there were very easy because the trail followed an old railroad bed. That was just what we needed! We contoured the hillside with a river below us which is unusual on the AT so we enjoyed the rest of the day.

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