AT 113 Franconia Notch to Gale River Trail

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8/20, Day 113, Franconia Notch to Gale River Trail, 11.3 miles

After 1800 miles we saw the light & view at the end of the tunnel. We had to pay a shuttle to take us back to Franconia Notch at I-93. Then we climbed Little Haystack, Lincoln, Lafayette and Garfield. All were above tree line and the weather and views were incomparable!

All that climbing really wore us out. Coming down from Garfield the trail was actually a water course, steep and rough with big rock drops. A sign said “Public Water Source. No Washing”! We didn’t wash but did try to hike and climb in the water…not easy!

As we were looking for a suitable location to camp we found other hikers looking, too. Ken found a good site off the trail so we could not be seen. Something in the woods makes a continuous sound like a clock ticking, but we haven’t figured out what it is. For the second time on this hike we saw the moon. The phase, clouds and trees were all in synch for this to happen. Outstanding hiking!

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