AT 112 Franconia Notch to Franconia Notch

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8/19, Day 112, Franconia Notch to Franconia Notch, 0 miles

When we got up this morning we both realized that our bodies needed a rest. Our legs and backs ached from the rigorous hiking of the past 2 days. We decided to take a zero today and start early tomorrow morning.

When Marcia retrieved our email we had several interesting messages. Patience, the young Israeli with whom we hiked, is getting near the Mt Katahdin. Tipperary, the Irish priest, is just a few days behind us. We promised to give a presentation to the local Sierra Club chapter after we finished. The coordinator needs a brief description of our presentation for their newsletter. We knew that we needed it and now we have his contact information we left at home.

The weather is gorgeous and a perfect resting day.

We heard about great appetizers for happy hour at cheap prices at the tavern. We decided that sounded good. When we arrived we found several other northbound hikers we knew, local trail supporters, and a few south bound hikers. Cheap food really brings out the hikers.

… GottaWalk

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