AT 109 Hexacuba Shelter to Glencliff

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8/16, Day 109, Hexacuba Shelter to Glencliff, 14.7

Glencliff was our goal for today for two reasons. Trail gossip said that we could get a list of unofficial camp sites to get us through the White Mtns without staying in the expensive huts. Glencliff is also the home of Moonbow Gear and we wanted to look at their ultra light, innovative gear.

When we got to NH25A we saw a sign for pancakes so two dayhikers, Curtis and Ann, drove us down to the Sugar House. Pancakes were not being served but we bought several sodas and maple sugar candy. When we got to the next road, NH25C, three 2002 AT hikers were providing trail magic by cooking lunch for the hikers! As we walked up on person said he recognized us from a picture on AWOL’s trailjournal. He was AWOL’s friend and was there for AWOL who was right behind us. This was the second time we got AWOL’s trail magic before he did! We ate and thanked Arrow, Whakapak and Giggles and started up the hill.

Off in the distance we could hear thunder and it moved rapidly in our direction. Soon the flash and crash were directly overhead and we, of course, got dumped on. It was one of those rains that was so much water in a short time the trail like was running like a stream. But the most amazing part was that at the top of the climb the tallest tree had just been hit by lightening and bark was stripped down the length of the trunk in 3″ swaths.

The next road, NH25, led to Glencliff so we walked to the very busy hostel. The trail magic van arrived at the same time we did and the three said they were cooking dinner for us!

After dinner two people drove up to drop off winter gear for another hiker, Sean O. The woman looked at us and said she recognized us from Sean O’s pictures! Twice in one day!

We showered in the outdoor shower and slept in the hostel loft.

… GottaWalk

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