AT 108 Goose Pond Road to Hexacuba Shelter

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8/15, Day 108, Goose Pond Road to Hexacuba Shelter, 14.5

Climbing a vertical mile of rough trail with mud and lots of little unmeasured ups and downs gives us a hint of what is coming up. The White Mts and Presidentials are said to be brutal and the guidebook said to figure on reduced mileage. I feel like we worked hard today!

We met another couple, Fuzzy and Snuffles, who are roughly our age. They started the same day that we did then flipped to Mt Katahdin and are hiking back to their home in VA. They knew our names from another hiker we met on day 2 and they had read them in the register. They warned us that double digit days are hard to do in NH. They also said they paid $51 per person per night for three nights in the huts!

Today was absolutely beautiful. Flowers are blooming in the boggy areas and we saw lots of little critters. We walked on “The Ledges” above a peregrine falcon hatching rookery. We really wanted to see falcons but maybe this is the wrong time of the year. Several places we saw large chunks of pure white marble. It looked like the remains of snow banks.

… GottaWalk

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