AT 106 Thistle Hill Shelter to Hanover

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8/13, Day 106, Thistle Hill Shelter to Hanover, 14.6 miles

Thistle Hill Shelter has a corrugated metal roof. When the rain started last night we heard harpsichords, then steel drum music until the rain crescendoed and the noise was deafening. We slept well in spite of the cacophony.
Before bed we hung the tent, tyvek, ponchos and frogg toggs. Water drained from them but nothing dried overnight.

I wish I has a sunny day for every frog that I’ve seen swimming ON the AT. Today turned out to be a perfect hiking day! We had sun but it was not too hot.

We walked the bridge over the Connecticut River, leaving VT and arriving in our 13th state of 14, New Hampshire. Hanover is right on the border and the AT goes through town past Dartmouth. The buildings are beautiful, just what you would expect from an Ivy League university. We stopped at Dartmouth Outting Club, the trail maintainer in this area. They suggested a Super 8 Motel so we called and made reservations and then took a free bus to the motel. It was back over the river so we are in VT again! The Super 8 sign said “Welcome to Vermont. Free swimming.” No thanks.

Janet said that author Bill Bryson lives in Hanover. I really would like to meet him.

FLASH – I just saw the weather forcast on the weather channel. They are predicting DRY weather for NH & ME for the next few days. Marcia doesn’t understand and wants me to draw her a picture of dry.

… GottaWalk

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