AT 105 Campsite to Thistle Hill Shelter

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8/12, Day 105, Campsite to Thistle Hill Shelter, 17.2 miles

Ken rigged a poncho over the tent door so we can sleep with the door open and the screen zipped shut. This should help air circulation to keep condensation to a minimum. It worked! Rain beat down all night and we were more comfortable. We will make some adjustments next time. The drawbacks are longer set up time and someone has a very wet poncho in the morning. Rain was still falling as we packed up this morning.

There were actually some pretty, pleasant moments today. I got a feel for how beautiful VT is. We hiked through open fields on hill tops with farms in the background. Some fields had been mowed and they were picturesque either mowed or not.

The tent was wet and there was no sun to dry it so we headed for the next shelter. There was only one other person there, so the three of us could spread out. Anish is a young woman solo hiker who started after we did. She said she has been chasing us, hoping to catch up! She hikes at a very fast pace and also puts in long days. We enjoyed the evening with her. We are headed for town tomorrow.

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