AT 104 US Highway 4 to Campsite

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8/11, Day 104, US Highway 4 to Campsite, 14.3 miles

The price of a room included a huge hiker breakfast with Vermont maple syrup. We watched the roof drip as we ate and were slow enough getting started that the sun was out. We ate lunch at a picnic table in a state campground.

We passed Stony Brook Shelter around 5 pm and decided to keep going and camp. Rain started about a mile later. We would never backtrack and the next shelter was too far away to reach before dark (we will never hike in the rain and dark again!) so we camped as planned. The rain continued all night.
The AT parted from the Long Trail at Maine Junction so we will see only AT hikers as we head east to the VT/NH border. The only AT hikers we saw were at or near the shelter.

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