AT 101 Manchester Center to Big Branch Shelter

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8/8, Day 101, Manchester Center to Big Branch Shelter, 16.2 miles

After a slow start we made good mileage today. We asked the lodge handyman to take us back to the trailhead. We found a sack of food at the trailhead and took a bag of trail mix. It added weight to our already loaded backpacks, but it sounded like an interesting mix – walnuts, dates, cranberries, raisins.

This was one of the perfect hiking days that we wait for. The sun peeked through the trees, the temperature was not too hot or too cool, no rain and the bugs are absent. Hiking was interesting through a beautiful area and the muddy trail is beginning to dry (only 2 falls, no bruises).

We are sleeping in the shelter with 2 LT hikers, young guys. One took a National Outdoor Leadership School class in the Wind Rivers and is using their food/cooking style to make cinnamon rolls from scratch. They even shared one with each of us. Yum!

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