AT 100 Stratton Pond Shelter to Manchester Center

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8/7, Day 100, Stratton Pond Shelter to Manchester Center, 10.4 miles

We were up and out of the shelter by 7 am. We ate almost everything remaining in our food bag for lunch on the trail. (Good planning!) The hike to VT11 was pretty, flat, and uneventful (no rain). The trail is still muddy, but was starting to dry out.

We got an quick ride to town, ate at McD and are looking for a place to stay. More people have offered rides than we can use. It is so nice to be generously welcomed! We can stay in a private house 13 miles down the highway but may opt for town. We have already been offered 2 rides by people in the shopping center parking lot! It seems that people are looking for hikers. One ride was with a grandmother who drives hikers when her grandsons are in town so they can talk to hikers.

Southbound hikers and northbound hikers have been passing frequently on the trail for the past few days and we are now seeing Long Trail (the first long trail that runs the length of VT to Canada 263 miles) hikers, too.
We are over 75% done!

… GottaWalk

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