AT 099 Goddard Shelter to Stratton Pond Shelter

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8/6, Day 99, Goddard Shelter to Stratton Pond Shelter, 19.4

Pick a color, any color except blue or purple. Now make your color bold and vivid or soft and subtle, anything works. Now put your color on a small push pin or a circle as big as a saucer. We have seen every mushroom imaginable.

The trail continues to be frustratingly slow due to water and mud. Even with care, we fell six times in one day. No serious injuries, but we both have small scratches and bruises. They aren’t noticeable with all the mud and duff covering our legs.

We ended today at a shelter we have to pay to use. There were lots of hikers at the shelter when we arrived, but there was room for us.

… GottaWalk

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