AT 098 Congdon Shelter to Goddard Shelter

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8/5, Day 98, Congdon Shelter to Goddard Shelter, 14.1 miles

Sleeping in shelters can be so interesting. The man sleeping at the front of the shelter got up 6 times during the night to smoke.

We were up early but didn’t get an early start. Since we ate poptarts last night, we ate mac and cheese for breakfast. Seems strange, but we reasoned that we needed the calories to hike.

After a late start we were hiking well. We were approaching the end of a second 1000 foot climb when it started raining again. When we came to a shelter we decided to stop rather than chance another long night. The shelter had plenty of space. As soon as we dropped our packs the skies opened and the rains poured. We made a good decision stopping early. We plan to get a really early start tomorrow.

A southbound hiker in the shelter told us that this is now the second wettest hiking season in AT history. Right after he told us the rain started pouring. Looks like the rain god isn’t satisfied with second best.

… GottaWalk

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