AT 097 Mount Greylock to Congdon Shelter

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8/4, Day 97, Mount Greylock to Congdon Shelter, 20.4 miles

We left the other hikers asleep in the garage atop Mt Greylock. We found thick fog, saturated ground, wet plants, and rain. Talk about wet.

At about noon we reached a road. The map said 2 restaurants were close – they were 3/4 mile away. We stopped to eat anyway. It was raining again.

We started up the climb to get out of North Adams and into Vermont, our twelfth state. The trail was starting to dry a bit. Then we caught the biggest rain of the day about 5 pm.

The sky got dark and we entered a hemlock forest. It was hard to even see the trail. Just as well, it was a small creek by now. We hiked on but our pace was slow and getting slower as the trail deteriorated and light failed, still trying to get to the shelter. We did not see any campsites but camping would have been like sleeping on a water bed. We hiked until well after dark.

We arrived at Congdon Shelter at about 9:30. The shelter was pretty full but we squeezed our sleeping bags in at the front of the shelter. We had agreed that we would not try to cook dinner at the shelter and disturb the sleeping occupants. We each ate a poptart and climbed in a sleeping bag very glad that the day was over, hoping that rain didn’t blow into the shelter. This was a hard day.

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