AT 096 Dalton to Mount Greylock

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8/3, Day 96, Dalton to Mount Greylock, 17.0 miles

Debbie picked us up at the motel promptly at 8 am after we had breakfast at Friendly’s. We walked the trail through Dalton, then up 1000′ over a mountain and then back down 1250′. We then climbed to the high point of MA, Mt Greylock, at 3491′. The tower on top disappeared into the mist and would have been a cool photo except for the wind and rain.

The rain has produced a bumper crop of peepers and we had to be careful not to step on them. The big frogs in ponds sound like plucked rubber bands. Daddy Long Leg spiders are everywhere and easy to spot because the body is orange or red.

We arrived at the lodge on Mt Greylock too late to get food at the lodge. We did get showers and snacks. We slept in the garage with 2 other hikers for $10 each and cooked our own food

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