AT 095 Zero day at Dalton

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8/2, Day 95, Zero day at Dalton, 0 miles

We actually got a zero day, the first day we haven’t hiked since June 7th! We had to leave our motel with packs this morning and waited until 4 to get the last room that was reserved but unclaimed. We did all our chores early in the day and then put our feet up and read a magazine. We agree that our legs and feet feel rested.

The weather is muggy and the local residents are complaining more than we are! Thundershowers are forecast but they are hit & miss and over quickly.

We went to a steakhouse for dinner and were talking to the hostess who then offered to drive us back to the trail in Dalton (we are still in Pittsfield) so we are set!

Ken looks great in his new Tilley hat. He got the green underbrim this time and mailed his holey white hat back to Tilley. Now he isn’t Hiker Trash.

… GottaWalk

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