AT 094 Upper Goose Pond to Dalton

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8/1, Day 94, Upper Goose Pond to Dalton, 21.6 miles

The new month started out in true AT fashion with rain starting at 5am and continuing all day. It varied from heavy misty rain to deluge. Every time it tapered off we thought it would stop. The good feature of the rain was that it made the day insect free.

We slogged along with fairly easy trail, through some bogs and through one out-of-control beaver pond. We got some good misty photos. The birds really lift my spirits. They keep singing in spite of the rain, all their varied songs.

Late in the afternoon we met a couple and their huge dog out for a short hike. The husband described the forest as “intimate” and that is so apt when the forest is too thick for a view. That new word made me like the forest better.

We ambled into Dalton which is right on the trail. Other hikers wanted out of the rain, too. The B&B, motel and hostel were all full! One resident said we were welcome to camp on his lawn (no thanks). We were starving since it was 7:30 but needed a room before we could eat. We talked to a local couple who suggested Pittsfield and then offered to drive us there! Things always seem to work out and we got dinner and a room. Aahhh.

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