AT 092 Sages Ravine Campsite to Tom Leonard Camp

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7/30, Day 92, Sages Ravine Campsite to Tom Leonard Camp, 21.4 miles

We entered our 11th state, MA, late yesterday. MA has the same camping requirement as CT. We have to stay only in a designated sites. We are finding them spaced inconveniently. Last night we camped with quite a crowd including a youth group and dogs.

We found that the tent sites at Tom Leonard Shelter really means singular tentsite. We rolled in with 3 other hikers at dark to find no room. We squeezed in under some trees above a ravine, cooked and went to bed. In the meantime the mosquitoes feasted on us. The hike today was strenuous and at times rocky. We had a few views, but this morning was humid and hazy.

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